Now if you are looking for a good walk thru history from the perspective of one of the most legendary riders – entrepreneurs – bike company owners – team manager – bit of an asshole – magazine legend – racer – rider….yeah this dude Chris Moeller is the one you want to get that life lesson / history dump from!

Moeller has been around for as long as I can remember when I started riding in 1989. Junior Polanco would love reading his comments and reviews in Go Magazine but I could never really get into Moeller’s bad boy review style. Looking back over the years I had no idea how involved Chris Moeller remained, not only that…how much he knows and all the people he has influenced, sponsored, worked with and the riders journey of 35+ Years.

I have had to watch this video over the course of a week because it is long as f*** but not boring in any way shape or form. If you are ever wanting to get it from the horses mouth about the beef between Robbie Morales and Chris Moeller then tune it, if you want to hear more about Brad Simms fallout with S&M…then yeap…tune in!

Here is the breakdown from Our BMX in case you just want to tune into the specific section by clicking on the timeline.

0:00 – Origin story / get some traction coffee

10:01 – Magazine ads turned into physical fights

16:30 – Meeting the owner of GT Bikes

31:20 – “this is where all the stars align for me”’

40:20 – Beginning of S&M

1:05:10 – The amazing backstory of “The Building”

1:17:50 – “I didn’t have a lot of talent, but I worked my ass off.”

1:26:12 – What happened with Brad Simms

1:40:20 – Conspiracy theory: Moeller is part owner of Cult

2:00:33 – “Revenue wise, those were the best years”

2:07:25 – Who’s been the biggest pain in the ass to sponsor?

2:11:40 – “I don’t want my riders risking their life”

2:22:48 – Soooo…is S&M for sale?

2:50:10 – How has Covid affected business?

3:03:30 – Is “Made In The USA” still a selling point?

3:13:50 – Why did Chris fight the guy on our logo?