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If you didnt see him explode during the Austin Texas X-Games 2015, then check out some of the best of Steve McCann. Dare we say, the Matt Hoffman of this generation?

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When Steven McCann began his professional career in 2000, he regularly competed in both the park and dirt disciplines. Taking first place in dirt at the Australian X Games that same year, McCann followed it up with a gold medal in park at the Asian X Games in 2002. Consistently in the top 10 at big competitions, McCann also claimed second in the Latin X Games and fifth at the X Games in LA in 2004.steve_mccann_4

The only rider to compete in all three of the Dew Tour’s BMX disciplines starting in 2007, McCann has excelled in all of them, taking second place on the vert ramp at the Right Guard Open in July 2007. At the X Games that same year, he took sixth on the vert ramp, but shone in the Big Air contest, earning himself his first medal at the event – a silver. Later in ’07, he earned third place in the year-end Dew Tour vert rankings with top-four finishes at all five Dew Tour events.
At the 2008 Right Guard Open, McCann made Dew Tour history as the first BMX rider to qualify for the finals in the park, vert, and dirt disciplines at one stop. In 2012, McCann added Mega 2.0 to his Dew Tour resume.
When not home in his native Australia, McCann spends his time in Woodward, Pennsylvania, teaching young riders the ropes of the sport his has mastered.
McCann guest starred on Australian soap opera Neighbours with fellow Dew Tour athlete Renton Millar in 2002.


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Athlete Bio

A top competitor in multiple disciplines throughout his pro career, McCann was once labeled the “triple threat” for his ability to ride Dirt, Park and Vert with confidence. The Aussie is steve_mccann_5currently focused on Vert and Big Air. And with consecutive Big Air gold medals from X Games LA in 2011 and 2012 and the honor of being the only rider besides Mat Hoffman to have landed a no-handed 900 in Vert competition, it’s obvious his focus is razor sharp. He takes a methodical approach to the gnarliest tricks in the sport, positioning himself as a consistent podium threat. He earned Vert bronze at X Games Foz do Iguacu, his 8th X Games mdeal. It was his only podium finish for ’13 as big crashes and injuries hampered his year.

You Don’t Say?

  • X Games Austin 2015 will be McCann’s 15th X Games appearance. He’s collected eight career X Games medals including two consecutive gold medals in BMX Big Air in 2011 and 2012. He’s also the second rider to land a no-handed 900 in competition in X Games LA 2011.








About Steve McCann

Steve McCann would say that rather than finding BMX, riding found him.

 Steve began riding in his native Australia. As a young rider, he mastersteve_mccann_1ed the amateur dirt tracks, and by his early teens became one of Australia’s most recognized young athletes. Steve turned pro at 16 and relocated to Woodward, Pa., to concentrate on developing his skills.

Steve is known for his competitive edge on the dirt track; however, he does not limit himself to one discipline. Steve is the only athlete to compete in all four BMX disciplines: street park, vert ramp, dirt jumping and the mega ramp. He has received more media coverage than any other athlete in his genre of action sports.

Steve has already accomplished what many riders 10 years his senior have failed to achieve. His list is substantial, and with podium finishes in every discipline he enters, he is always a top contender at the AST Dew Tour and X Games.

During the off-season, Steve spends his summers at home in Woodward, mentoring young BMX riders. He also enjoys surfing, jet-skiing, music, movies and spending time with his friends.

Steve’s Top 3 favorite movies:

Hulk, Iron Man, The Avengers

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