The year was 1998, the place was Mullaly Park – Bronx New York

King of New York 1998

King of New York 1998


A group of riders got together and decided to start their own BMX contest series right in their local skate/bike park called Mullaly Park. Led by Luis Perez, Rob Ramos and Fred Gonzalez these riders decided it was time to establish a scene of their own, they called it “King of New York”.

Riders from Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island (whaddup Ivan) and New Jersey (whaddup Adam Guild, Erin Donato, Brian Tunney, Mike Wilson, Rodney Norweiser, Ed Nussbaum) turned up to the event, including riders like Catfish drove all the way from Ohio to represent.

The contest series hosted live bands such as Sick of It All, No Redeeming Social Value, and a bunch more! The contest also featured live wrestling…I mean who does that! Even in 1998!

This was a once of a kind BMX contest, in an era where riding was truly underground especially in the Bronx. Enjoy the video clips that BIKERSTORIESNYC shared with the world. (The music is different but thats cool, if anything its very much like the contest itself..a free for all BMX contest that celebrated originality.

FlowZine sponsored and hosted the event…it was when it all began for us. You can spot Flowzine Fred riding on a borrowed bike in between of running the event with the crew. Good times my friends…good times!

-Flow Zine Fred

Part 3 of the contest

Part 4 of the contest (ignore the typo of the year…it was 1998 not 1988)

KING OF NY BMX COMP 1998 part # 4 ============================
This is another Bike comp sponsored by mountain dew at the Mullaly’s skate park in the bronx.. This ramp park is now the new Yankee Stadium!!! we were riding on one of NYC most expensive pieces of real estate and we didn’t even know it!!!!=======================
In this video are Eddie Rios , Dexter old school , MD1 , Brackens , Mikey high jump and a few others i can’t remember.. There was some good flatland tricks and some impressive ramp stunts , keep your eyes out for em , if you blink you might miss something…====================
Oh yea , props goes out to Roland velez who let me borrow his cam which had vhs-c cassettes ( i had to buy adapter to edit ) i remember everything.. if he wouldn’t have lent me the camera then , we wouldn’t have this priceless video now.. Sorry if it drags a bit in part 2 and 3 , i wanted to include ALL the video footage with nothing edited..Raw


Part 5 of King of New York Bike Contest Bronx New York 1998

Let it be known that my trophy was stolen shortly after but my memory has never been forgotten.



Underground Never Dies


More good stuff on the Mullaly Park and its riders check out RideBMX Photo Gallery, Jeff Zeielinski wrote a great article on the park! It starts:

The Mullaly skatepark opened in 1989 and was the first public ramp park in New York City. And it continued to be the only public ramp option in the city’s five boroughs for ten years. It’s safe to say that, along with the Brooklyn Banks, Mullaly was one of the most prominent BMX spots in New York City during the 1990s. Over the course of the park’s 23-year history, Mullaly and the locals who called it home exposed countless young kids to BMX and skating while providing a positive outlet to keep them out of trouble. The layout of the ramps has changed countless times and their condition fluctuates just as often. Prior to the Get It Together jam, the ramps were small and sparse. After witnessing the ramps firsthand a few months ago, Base Brooklyn’s Enos Columbo felt compelled to organize a jam to bring all the riders in the New York scene (and from anywhere else) together to ride, chill, have a good time, and of course—to give some much needed love back to the Mullay park. The day of the jam saw riders from multiple generations, from all across the country, and with every riding background and style you can think of sessioing together and having fun—and that my friend, is exactly what “Get It Together” was meant to be.