Rider Spotlight: Logan Martin

Logan Martin

Logan Martin

Every generation has a rider, sometimes a set of riders, that push the limits…guess it’s now Logan Martin turn. Check out his insane level of radness, yup I said “radness” in a geeky lame way but Logan Martin is far from being a geeked out rider. His skills doing the impossible combinations like 1080 Barspin, double tailwhip 360 to toejam, and more. Logan Martin riding style is bold and strong like Dave Volker only with more umf to the punch. (Dave Volker, no diss intended – dude you were radically rad for over 10 years when freestyle was freestylin)



21 yr old Aussie, Logan Martin, has been making his mark on the professional BMX scene over the last couple years. He has thrown it down for Jetpilot in this 2014 Web Video.

Follow Logan:

Matty Rogers
Woodchip Media

The Link Up – Gareth Johnson


Another awesome video clip of Logan Martin

Here is Logan Martin back in 2012, the evolution is clear.

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  1. Wow..just such an amazing rider!Bravo.

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