Forty-three Riders in One City, Forty Eight Minutes of visually stunning video segments compiled to deliver a powerful riders life insight. The chill out music really complements the video and brings you closer to the pain, excitement and adrenaline. It is to say Brighton Aint Ready (2) packs a punch, enjoy the movie live the ride. 

Featured Riders: Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Caleb Quanbeck, Anthony Perrin, Alex Kennedy, Albert Mercado, Bas Keep, Tony Hamlin, Bruno Hoffmann, Grant Castelluzzo, Shawn Mcintosh, JJ Palmere, Chris Mills, Dakota Roche, Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, Lloyd Wright, Mark Love, Matt Roe, Oli Jones, Ollie Evans, Robbo, Roy Van Kempen, Scott Ditchburn, Sean Ricany, Sean Sexton, Simone Barraco and many more.

They make it look so easy!