These boys were right in my backyard and I missed it. Well now that school is out lets tear apart the streets of Miami…who’s coming with me?!

Wish that I knew these dudes were in town, hope there a next time. They shredded all the spots I walk by nearly every day, and most importantly they had all total disregard to the guard in Brickell. Hahahah that was hysterical!

Here is what we copied from the YouTube posting:

Miami. What a crazy place. The entire Odyssey team spent a week in this outrageous palm tree and concrete jungle, and every day was a struggle. Tom Dugan, who’s back was already tweaked prior to the trip, had his bike stolen the first day.


Jacob Cable fell deathly ill and was bedridden for most of the trip. Our Airbnb host tried to steal our bike rack, and our jet ski tour guide lost his shit when we were, according to him, being too reckless on the jet skis (he worries too much and also needs to chill).


And we got kicked out of a lot of spots. And not just kicked out, but brutally screamed at and degraded, or even physically attacked. But the Odyssey team will not be stopped.


schools_out_4These guys rode as hard as they could every day, banded together against those trying to prevent us from doing our thing, and filmed a damn fine video, even in the face of so much adversity. Enjoy!


Featuring Aaron Ross, Brandon Webster, Broc Raiford, Gary Young, Justin Spriet, Jacob Cable, Matt Nordstrom, and Travis Hughes.