Markit is a crew of good friends who all love shredding bikes, filming clips, and going on trips together. Featuring the riding from Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Dennis Enarson, Mike Jonas, Geoff Slattery, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan and Christian Rigal, Markit Zero is our first full length feature. Enjoy!

Featuring: Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan



More about Ronnie

How’s life in 2014 so far? What’s new?

Pretty good. Just been trying to stay warm and keep busy. Nothing too much is really new. Trying to get this job at a local coffee shop at the moment. I’m still riding every day and staying healthy. That’s basically all that’s new.

Without dwelling too much on the negatives, tell us about parting ways with Haro.

Basically they just didn’t want to re-sign me for this year. I was told one thing and, then instead, I was just dropped one day out of the blue. It’s all good, though. No hard feelings. It was time to move on.

I see you’re riding a hot new Verde. How’s that treating you?

Yeah! I’m riding the new Verde Oxbridge and it’s been amazing. I’ve been super stoked on riding lately. It’s cool for me because I’m able to ride what I really want to ride for the first time in around four years. The guys over at Verde are awesome. It’s a bike company ran by riders and they have such an awesome team. I like that their team is made up of all types of riders, not only street riders. I’m stoked to be on this beast supporting my boys Lima and Priest.

Are you riding for Verde or is that just a homie hook up?

No. I’m not riding for them. They were just nice enough to send me a frame and some shirts. I was looking for a new frame and have always wanted to ride a Verde, even back in the Levi’s days when I was filming a lot with Will Stroud (Verde Team Manager). I was going to get one after I parted ways with Mankind, but my Haro deal came along. This time I had to get one. I looked at some of the frames they make and the Oxbridge was the length and dimensions I like, so I jumped on it.

Any other sponsor happenings to discuss?

Nothing new going on for me. Still gonna continue to ride for Demolition, Markit, and Vans flow. I get hooked up by Oakley as well, but just flow as well. I’m really grateful for all of these companies’ support. Demolition and I are holding an Instagram contest right now. Follow Demolition and myself to check it out. It’s ending on January 18th, so enter soon!

Where exactly are you living right now? Are you back at Woodward full-time?

I’m in State College, Pennsylvania, so I’m about 40 minutes outside of Woodward Camp. I’m pretty much here full-time. Trying to make my way to San Diego soon, though, and hang out with the Markit boys. Miss you guys!

How are you surviving the East Coast winter?

Pretty well, actually. Once you shake off being soft from living in the warm weather for a year-and-a-half, it goes back to the same as it was when I was growing up. I lived in cold weather my whole life and it doesn’t bother me at all. I love when warm weather transplants try to complain about the weather in colder locations.

What’s on your agenda for the next few months?

I’m going to try to make it out to California in February to film for Markit and Demolition. Like I said, I’m trying to get a job at this coffee shop in town. I’m also trying to finish my motorcycle so I can ride when spring comes around. Finishing my motorcycle is a huge goal I have right now.

You should film a Vital feature soon. What’s it going to take to make that happen?

I would love to! It’s only going to take some nice weather on the East Coast or a trip to the warmth. I’m ready whenever you guys are. Would everyone reading this like to see it happen? Let me know and I’ll try to make it happen. Thanks, guys!

Here’s a rundown of Ronnie’s new Verde build –

Frame: Verde Oxbridge 21.25
Bar: Demolition Combat
Fork: Demolition Elite
Stem: Demolition Monarch
Headset: Demolition
BB: Demolition
Cranks: Demolition Revolt 175mm
Sprocket: Demolition Mufatu
Pedals: Demolition plastic
Seat: Demolition/MARKIT
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rotor/Zero Rim
Front Wheel: Demolition Bulimia/Zero Rim
Pegs: Demolition Team Metal
Tires: Demolition Machete