After hours of being stuck in traffic finally arrived to the venue only to be told that you gotta pay to play.


Sheesh what ever happened to rider courtesy when all they want to do is check out the venue for 15 minutes before dropping $250 ($75 per person)

I have hosted the King of New York for years before Danny Parks took over, and international contests etc, but apparently times have changed.

Meanwhile back at the parking lot, saw this awesome ride!


Will try again tomorrow, because why’s not every day you get to meet Eddie Fiola, Martin Aparijo and Woody Itson in the same spot!

Helltrack, hellhot, hell-expensive

—— Day Two

The event was in full affect and was so was the heat index, but that didn’t stop the hundreds of old school riders from showing up and showcasing their classic bikes.

The HELLTRACK course was an exact replica of the famed movie RAD which featured protagonist Cru Jones as he battled his way to beating team Mongoose.

Cru Jones became legendary when he did a backflip to shortcut the race and take the lead. Well guess what, same exact thing happened on day two! Pretty awesome!

Thank you to Eddie Fiola and my life long champion rider slash hero Martin Aparijo for being there too.

My only wish is to see this event repeated yearly in different locations throughout the country.

Here is my favorite scene from the movie, enjoy the soundtrack.