Riding flatland has to be the most challenging discipline to take on. Here is an inspirational video of what the riding community is all about and how a little bit of help can make all the difference.


The story of Cherechukwu Udenkwere is pretty rad, especially how Shane Hawke (UK) and a bunch of other riders from around the world collaborated to making this a reality.

The list of mentions extends to these folks:
BIG THANKS TO: Shane Hawke, Phil Dawson, Jason Leverington, David Clarke, Charlie Shaw, Jesse Hall, Joe Clark, Doug Fawkes, Kene Ken, Steve Jones, Brett Staples, Rob Holfels, Brett Reynolds, Colin & Kai McQuillen, Trevor Henry, Mark Noble, Effraim Catlow, Angelo Castilho Patinho, Dave Owen Cycles, Reeve Metal Finishing, Martyn Greswolde, Mark Blackburn, Zach Krejmas and all at Ride USA BIGGEST THANKS TO: Neil Waddington and Ride On BMX Alain Massabova and StMartin BMX

This is not the first time Alain Massabova has gifted a bike! When he was starting of the company he gifted FlowZine a frame while I was visiting Paris France. The frame was later gifted to a rider in the Dominican Republic, Juan Carlos Moronta . He rode that bike like no tomorrow, and very similar to Che both riders excelled to a new level. He now runs https://flatlanddominicano.com/ so be sure to check that out.

Dominican Republic Flatland Riders 2018