The videos are in, the judges are the viewers the setting is unique, the world is different some my last post on July 10, 2018 “The Story of CHE“. Well good thing we have the power of the internet, the folks at e-fise really put something amazing together.

The Our BMX YouTube channel, has a sick format watch party thing going on. Celebrity riders on their viewing party include Dennis Enerson, Gary B Young, Chad Kerley, Demarcus Paul and FyanRudger doing a funny commentary on the Woman BMX Park Contest and Men BMX Park Contest. Its actually pretty cool to listen to them because you get insights directly from the Pro’s, not to mention its almost as if you’re hanging out with them.

It would be cooler if you could dial in and ask a question or make a comment, getting fan feedback type of thing.

The first watch party was just as good to check out, I would highly recommend playing that segment, real street riding perspectives. I scored the riding slightly different but hey considering the best trick that this old school rider can do is a bunny hop table top. Seriously no joke. Men’s BMX Pro Street riding was crazy!

Stay healthy my friends, and check out the competition series.