Flatland bike needed a new stem because it cracked (i guess because the extra weight I put on since covid), so I reached out to Junior Polanco in Dominican Republic that put pretty much just said “here buy this and dont ask”. I proceeded to do just that, placed the order on eBay and bammm a week later I GOT DA MOTTS

S&M Flatland Stem

Best part of this that it came from CheapGoodsBMX a company owned and ran by Pro BMX Rider Gabe Weed, now that was pretty dope! I have been a fan of Gabe Weed since back in the days. He added stickers and a poster, even got the parts way earlier than originally expected. Shout out to Gabe Weed

Check CheapGoodsBMX.com website out, they have a solid inventory! Thank you CheapGoodsBMX.com & Gabe Weed your team is doing good work!


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