A couple of days ago YouTube recommended this video because Im subscribed to Vans channel, what I wasn’t expecting was it being a video of Dennis Enarson. Ok so Im fan of Dennis Enarson, I like the commentary he does with OurBMX, but when I pressed play — sheesh I was BLOWN AWAY!

Go and watch this video right now! Every single clip is an ender, every single clip made me cringe, there were a few clips that might cause permanent heart failure if I watch it too many times. The stuff is SCARY, every single trick that Dennis Enarson does is could end you.

Another perspective is watching it with the OurBMX crew but Dennis decided to step out the room to let the Watch Party be natural. I also think he just didn’t want to influence the reaction.

One thing for certain, this video took Dennis Enarson about a year to make. I would disagree on that timeline, its more like a lifetime because the riding level is so far out there that it takes a lifetime to get that good.