Learn to play dirt bike games and practice stunts

Article by Marina Janakievska

Some people like to play dirt bike games on their computers. They feel totally safe while they are performing numerous dangerous moves but on other hand, there are many people who like to perform different kinds of dirt bike games live, presenting the stunts they know. Unlike the safety PC dirt bike games, these games ask for a high vocational training and proper safety gear, including full-face helmets and protective body armor. If you feel prepared enough to take this kind of challenges, here are some games that you can play with your interest colleagues.

Dirt bike polo is one of the most interesting dirt bike games that can be played outdoors. You and your friends with dirt bikes should find large open field where is legal to ride and organize this fun game. First you should do is to mark out the playing field and the goals, on every side of the field. The riders should be divided in two teams and try to find matching t-shirts for every team in order to distinguish themselves. The idea of this game is to move a soccer ball into the goal. You do not run and shoot but you do it while riding on a dirt bike. To make the job easier, every player is allowed to have a stick for moving the ball, or he can simply kick the ball while he is riding alongside of it. It is recommended to use low-powered dirt bikes for the game because that way the play will be rather more safe opposed the risk that is always present if you move too fast.

The repertoire of dirt bike stunts is really various and includes all kinds of stuff, some of them really dangerous. Among them, wheelie is one of the first stunts that can be learned. To do this stunt, transfer your weight on the backside of the bike, pull up firmly on the handlebars and push down with your feet. When you do your wheelie, if you learn to balance the body weight directly over the back wheel, you will be able to continue the duration of the stunt.

Jumps are challenge to every dirt bike rider. If you want to try the basic jump, choose to find proper ledge in the woods or simply go to a motocross or dirt jumping park. The idea of this jump is to increase speed as you access the lip of the jump. Then lift up on the handlebars as you clear it. In this case maintaining balance while in the air is also the crucial job, and do not forget to keep it while landing as well.

When you have practiced the basic jumps, you can go on a something more complex and practice additional aerial techniques. Just to mention one of them, Superman for example. While you are in mid-air, kick your back legs out behind the bike. In order to allow time for a stunt like this, you need to gain a huge amount of elevation.

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