Motocross Videos: Did They Die in That Crash?

Article by Lana Hawkins

If you like racing, motocross racing is one of the most exciting sports there is. Watching freestyle motocross videos can make you feel like you are one of the riders jumping high into the air, flipping in a somersault and then coming around corners at breakneck speeds. A motocross rider is a fearless Knight on a steel horse that can reach tremendous speeds and be able to jump their motorcycle sometimes 40 to 50 feet in the air. If you want to learn how to become a motocross rider, you need to take it slow. It is wise to take a few lessons first before you begin the sport. Unlike BMX racing with bicycles, if you have a wipe out with a motorcycle you can face serious injury or death. Take some lessons, take it slow, and remember that you are riding on a serious machine.

Watch a couple motocross videos before you take it out for the first time. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. Those are professional riders that you see in the video and they have years of experience. Not only do you have to have experience riding off-road motorcycles, you must contend with riding on a dirt track with several other motocross riders passing you a great speeds. You have to have your full attention on everything that is going on around you. If you do happen to become a motocross rider, you can look forward to some fun and excitement that you will never forget. It is important have fun but never forget that safety is the first issue when it comes to motocross.

The relatively new sport of freestyle motocross riding is an individual event that is judged by several judges. In freestyle the rider can perform tricks like back flips and jumps that require huge air. The rider is scored by best use of the track and crowd reaction. Good to have a fan club if you want a high score.

Some of the award winning and most difficult tricks are a double back flip that was performed by Travis Pastrana at the 2006 X Games and double barrels rolls which are mid air sideways rolls.

A motocross rider needs to be in excellent athletic shape to handle the bikes at the huge g-forces encountered on the track and during tricks. The heart rates of motocross bikers were measured at 190 beats per minute for around 35 minutes; surely maxed out due to the adrenaline rush and high physical demands of the sport. So if you want to take up this sport, make sure you are in good physical shape before you start or you could end up in the hospital without even crashing.

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