In the latest episode of our #downthemiddletour, DakLacey, and Nathan roll through the streets of Budapest, Hungary. The crew is joined by special guests Ed Zunda and David Budko. They check out the famous rail district, Velvart Bike Shop and hero square with the crew as well as a savage uprail session where Ed Zunda does what we think may be the worlds first uprail to hard truck driver. Next stop: Athens, Greece

Material: 6061 aluminum hub shell

Colors: Black, orange, or purple anodized

Features: Angled/variable width flanges to reduce bearing seat stretch

Center Axle: 15mm SUJ-2 center axle that’s stronger than chromoly

Axle: 3/8″ threaded female axle (24tpi)

Axle Nuts: 3/8″ threaded chromoly bolts (24tpi)

Cones: 7075 aluminum push-on cones (x2)

Flange Offset From Center: 33.5mm

Pitch Circle Diameter: 44mm

Bearing Code: 6902 (x2)

Spoke Holes: 36 holes

Weight: 10.2 oz